Advisory Services & Much, Much More for Health Startups

...from the guy who defined the category

In a 30 year career in health care & IT, and 12 years after starting Health 2.0 -- the first, most influential and biggest conference in the space of new health technologies -- Matthew Holt is (at last) formally helping startups. (Yes, he’s done it informally for years….)

He & his team are offering 3 types of services:

  1. Advisory Services & Introductions for CEOs
  2. Tactical Outsourcing of “necessary but hard to do right” services
  3. Access to vetted experts, when you need a specific task or opinion

Click through the product pages above to learn more about our Advisory, Tactical, and Expert Services


How Does it Work?

SMACK.Health functions on an Annual Membership Model for Start-Ups, and coming soon, there will be two more attributes: 

  • Corporate Members for partnerships, pilots, and more
  • Dedicated "low number" investor network for access to funds

We are building a band of high quality startups that can take advantage of Matthew Holt's experience, network, and ability to promote -- without giving up too much cash or equity.